Brand Consultancy Services Sixtysix8 Brand Consultancy Services has a proven track record in dealing with close-out stock and a sterling reputation in the Off-Price retail channel. The expertise of the company lies in its recognition of the true value of a brand, the sensitivity of excess inventory, the importance of a flexible supply chain, and how this innovative combination affects the market.

Through an extensive global network, Sixtysix8 Brand Consultancy Services are able to identify and offer various exit routes for excess branded sportswear and ensure this inventory is liquidated in a quiet and very efficient manner. As a result of unique market insight, they are therefore able to offer support services to the Off- Price channel and beyond, by providing a range of efficient solutions.

Brand Consultancy Servicies


Through creative and inspired thought.

We deliver creative and inspired thinking across Retail, Buying and Merchandising, Intellectual Property, Social Media, Brand Marketing, Brand Management, Brand and Product Development, Brand Protection, Licensing, Supply Chain and Distribution.


By implementing robust corporate strategy.

Success does attract discounting, imitation and even theft, so shielding your company from such practices is an important part of maintaining the reputation and integrity of your products and services. We offer an in-depth guide on the various ways that you can develop and implement the protection of a brand, as part of a robust corporate strategy.


Recognition of the sensitivity of challenging inventory.

We can advise you on the suitability of the many different retail and wholesale exit routes available to your brand for any challenging inventory that you possess.
Manufacturing of stock


Acknowledgement of the importance of a flexible supply chain.

We work very closely with a flexible supply chain, who have demonstrated particular speed in fulfilling demand, adapting to change and delivering amazing results for many successful brands.


Understanding the Pan-European sports fashion marketplace.

Through our detailed understanding of the European sports fashion marketplace, we are able to provide unique and tailored advice to brands that are looking to develop their businesses in new territories, through the introduction of either agents, licensing or distribution partnerships.


Delivery of a private Flash Sales online retail model.

We own a unique flash sales platform, that is a destination to explore, uncover and buy must-have sportswear items at affordable prices, by leveraging 21st-century technology.